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Exclusive Anti-aging beauty product

20% Human stem-cells concentration




your skin

Made in Japan

Bringing you the “14 Days Miracle”

With most beauty products it takes three months or more to see any changes in your skin.

Our newly developed beauty serum gives you clear results in just 14 days!

Why 14 days?

The skin’s turnover time (renewal period) is typically 28 days.

Cells take 14 days to move up from the skin’s basal layer to the granular layer;

they then take another 14 days to form keratinocytes and finally flake off.

New cells are continually formed over this 14 day period and then pushed up from the basal layer.

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Majestic Skin encourages natural and healthy skin turnover, ensuring new cells form continuously over

the 14-day period.

*The process of skin renewal and regeneration is called skin “turnover”. Cells are formed in the basal

layer and change shape as they move up to the surface. The cells become corneocytes (without nuclei)

and die. These cells are pushed to the surface by newer cells. Eventually, they naturally redden and flake off.

Before & After Pictures
A specially prepared formulation using culture fluid extract from human stem-cells
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Ultra-high concentration

Special ingredients are blended to produce a concentration to give you outstanding results.

up to 150 different growth factors are condensed into our product.

feel its luxurious concentration on your skin.

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reaches deep 
into the skin

Liposome technology reaches deep into the skin

Our product uses artificial capsules replicating the cell membranes enclosing human cells.

Tiny capsules surrounded by lipids effectively deliver active ingredients deep into the skin.

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“Cold process”


No heat require

Handling precious ingredients with care

The stem-cells culture extract is extremely delicate.

Other cosmetics manufactures typically use heat as part of their manufacturing process.

Majestic Skin uses a special formulation that does not require heat, 

so ingredients are unharmed and can be effectively absorbed by your skin.

*Active product ingredient: Human stem cell-conditioned culture fluid extract

Stem cell culture fluid extract is a state-of-the-art beauty ingredient

which promotes cellular activity and aids the skin’s lifecycle.

Contains protein ingredients secreted when stem-cells extracted from human fat are cultured.

Subject to rigorous blood and DNA testing before use. Human adipose stem cell culture fluid is

reported to contain over 150 growth factor protein ingredients derived from stem cells,

including VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor), TGF (Transforming growth factor),

FGF (Fibroblast growth factor), IGF (Insulin-like growth factor). These promote activity in the epidermal cells

which produce skin, and in the fibroblasts which produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronan.

They are self-regenerating.


Growth factors activate cells by connecting with cellular receptors

Dealing with the root

cause of skin disorders.

Fibroblasts promoting

cell proliferation

Hyaluronan promoting

cell proliferation

Collagen promoting

cell proliferation

Component ingredients used for Majestic Skin (human stem cell culture extract)

Product name: ADSC-CM

INCI name: Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract

Display name: Human stem cell-conditioned culture fluid extract


1. Tissue regeneration

2. Promotion of collagen, hyaluronan biosynthesis

3. The proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts

4. Skin whitening

5. Hair growth

Human stem-cell culture fluid (ADSC-CM)

ADSC-CM is produced through secretion. It is rich in physiologically active substances such as

cytokines, enzymes, and ECM constituent proteins. It has a range of uses as an activating

ingredient, rejuvenating cells where activity has declined due to aging. ADSCM-CM promotes

the biosynthesis of collagen and hyaluronan; smooths skin and protects against wrinkles; whitens

the skin; stimulates the production of fibroblasts, stem cells, and epidermal cells; promotes hair

growth; and has a range of anti-aging properties.

What is human stem cell culture fluid (ADSC-CM)?

ADSC-CM is a protein ingredient secreted from cultured adipose stem cells extracted from

human fat. Adipose stem cells are a type of fully-grown stem cell. They are easier to extract than

bone marrow stem cells or umbilical cord blood cells, and, because of their abundance, have been

increasingly used in anti-aging treatments and beauty products. Human adipose stem cell culture

fluid is reported to contain over 150 growth factor protein ingredients derived from stem cells,

including VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor), TGF (Transforming growth factor), FGF

(Fibroblast growth factor), IGF (Insulin-like growth factor). ADSCM-CM is a highly functional

substance that prevents skin aging and damage and promotes the regeneration of hyaluronan,

collagen, and elastin which are essential components of skin tissue. Stem cell culture fluid is

recognized to have a range of uses, including anti-aging treatments and the promotion of tissue



The substances secreted by stem cells are rich in physiologically active ingredients and proteins

needed for tissue regeneration. Physiologically active cytokines play a key role in activating cells

by combining with cell receptors. Also, extracellular proteins such as hyaluronan, collagen,

and elastin help the process of tissue formation.

ADSC-CM is absorbed directly by stem cells, fibroblasts, and epidermal stem cells. It promotes

cell activation and cell reproduction, and accelerates the skin tissue regeneration process.

Effectiveness test: Fibroblast proliferation

This graph shows the results of the fibroblast proliferation acceleration test. ADSC-CM was applied to fibroblast cells

for a 48-hour period and the cell proliferation rates were placed in order, with the promotion of cell proliferation observed according to concentration.

What is fibroblast anyway?

Fibroblast cells are the source of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronan, which are vital for skin tension and elasticity.

When the fibroblast cells are active, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronan ensure our skin’s metabolism is working smoothly, and keep our skin firm and supple.

However, when fibroblast cells decline and stop working due to damage from aging or ultraviolet rays, the skin’s metabolism slows down. Declines in collagen and elastin through skin degeneration means the skin loses elasticity, and declines in hyaluronan lead to a reduction in the skin’s moisture levels. As a result, subcutaneous tissue becomes loose.

This causes skin wrinkles & sagging

Also, fibroblast cells do not divide as readily as cells in the epidermis (for example, in the stratum corneum). This makes the treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin difficult.

You need to start looking after the fibroblast cells in your skin as soon as possible.

Three features of fibroblast cells
Essential for skin tension and elasticity


They produce the key components of healthy skin

(collagen · elastin · hyaluronan);


They help cells to divide, and help fibroblast cell



They bind collagen to maintain the structural

the integrity of the dermis.

Fibroblasts Produce
Skin tension
Elastin Skin
Looking after your skin now and in the future
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Hyaluronan: 3 types
High molecular mass;
Low molecular mass;
Blended with 3 hyaluronan types
keeping the skin fully moisturized
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Collagen: 2 types
Indispensable for skin elasticity:
Low molecular collagen;
Blended with 2 collagen types
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Yeast extract to repair injured skin
Blended with hydrolyzed yeast
extract to mend damaged
epidermal cells
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